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Welcome to the website of the Jamaica Clearing House Mechanism (JA CHM), Jamaica’s national biodiversity information network. This page, together with the documents referred to and hosted on it, provides you the Terms of Use for accessing or using the website . Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the site. By using our site, you indicate that you accept these Terms of Use and that you agree to abide by them. Use of our site indicates your agreement to these terms.

About the JA CHM

The JA CHM website has been developed as a requirement of the Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM) established under Article 18(3) of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. The JA CHM primarily collates, distributes and exchanges data and information on biodiversity and its conservation in Jamaica. The products and services on the website cater to national, regional and international users.

Types of Data and Information

The major types of biodiversity data and information available to users of the JA CHM website includes as Taxonomical, Ecological, Policy, Legislation & Regulations, Scientific Assessments, Educational Resource Material, Publications, Images, Activities and Events. The website also provides a mailing list subscriber form for the electronic newsletter called Biodiversity News, web directory and searchable databases.

Metadata generation is ongoing and will be updated on the website, as is necessary.

Access to Data And Information 

In accordance with the Access to Information Act 2002, Section 21 and subject to section 2, data and information that are considered sensitive e.g. localities of endemic and endangered species will not posted on this website.

Intellectual Property Rights 

The JA CHM website posts publicly available information which may be copyrighted. The users of the JA CHM website may have limited viewing rights to data or information. The use of these products without permission or correct acknowledgement may lead to legal action by the authors or holders of copyright. If more data and information are required, please contact the Senior Research Officer – CHM, Natural History Museum of Jamaica at the Institute of Jamaica, 10-16 East Street, Kingston, Jamaica (

Please acknowledge sources of/generators of data or information.

Sharing Data and Information Through The JA CHM Website 

Written requests for posting datasets/information on the website are to be submitted to the Senior Research Officer – CHM. A written response to submitted requests will be provided. The JA CHM is under no obligation to post datasets/information in the absence of a request.

Datasets/information may be selected for evaluation by the JA CHM Steering Committee in accordance with the Guidelines to the Validation of Online Data and Information Jamaica Clearing–House Mechanism (JA CHM) Website (see

While the Jamaica Clearing-House Mechanism (JA CHM), Natural History Museum of Jamaica, Institute of Jamaica does its best to post accurate and current data and information on its website, it cannot guarantee the accuracy and currency of the data and information from various information providers. The JA CHM disclaims responsibility for inaccurate and outdated information and for any liability that may arise from the use of the data and information on the website. Reliance upon any statement, opinion, or other data and information obtained from the JA CHM website shall be at the User’s own risk.