Native Species

Here you will find a summary on how endangered species are legally protected in Jamaica through participation in CITES and the national Endangered Species Act. You can view the lists of endangered species and accompanying notes by clicking on the link for the Endangered Species Act and scrolling to page 48.

Included on this page are links to select groups of endemic species namely birds, butterflies and orchids.


More data and information exists in other online networks and non-electronic format in books and reports. Visit our “Data and Conservation Networks” web page which connects you to Caribbean and global databases with more data and information on Jamaican threatened and endemic species. Contact the Science Library of the Natural History Museum for literature on native species at or call 1-876-922-0622-6, extension 237 and 244.


  • Native Biodiversity Dataset

Hellshire Hills and Goat Islands Plant Database



  • Endangered Species

Overview on Implementation of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) Process in Jamaica – NEPA

Endangered Species Act



  •  Endemic Species

Browse Endemic Birds list

Browse Endemic Butterflies list

Browse Endemic Orchids list



  • Data and Conservation Networks

Data and Conservation Networks updated_icon

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