What is the Clearing-House Mechanism of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity?

The Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM) is an international network that gathers and distributes information on biological diversity in support of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).The network comprises national information sharing and exchange programmes established in CBD member-countries.The Jamaica CHM, a department of the Natural History Museum of Jamaica at the Institute of Jamaica, serves as the Jamaica’s biodiversity information network.

Click here for an introduction to Jamaica’s biodiversity and learn about endemic and invasive alien species, as well as Jamaica’s protected areas.

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Effective conservation of our biological resources is dependent on acquiring relevant information, sound conservation policies and enforcing legislation and regulations.


National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

Draft Strategy and Action Plan For Invasive Alien Species in the Caribbean Region 2011-2015

Draft Protected Areas System Master Plan for Consultation (Public feedback period is closed)

Biosafety is a term used to describe efforts to reduce and eliminate the potential risks resulting from biotechnology and its products. Click here for more on what’s happening in Jamaica.

2012 Pre-Meeting of the Parties Communique acknowledges Jamaica ratifying to the Cartagena Protocol



Biosafety Clearing-House workshopACTIVITIES AND EVENTS

Events Catalogue

Reports on Meetings/Conferences/Workshops

Report on the National Invasive Species Data and Information Entry Workshop 2015

Jamaica Invasive Species Database Launched!


Natural History Museum field research


A number of research projects and ongoing monitoring programmes have been conducted or are established in order to provide the scientific community, conservation planners and managers with data and information on the status of biodiversity in Jamaica.

National Ecological Gap Assessment Report NEGAR

        Hellshire Hills & Goat Islands Plant Database

 Convention on Biological Diversity: Fifth National Report Jamaica